Ag Info Tech, LLC. is moving to a new facility on July 3rd. Ag Info Tech’s newest partner, Central Ohio Farmers Co-op of Marion, Ohio recently purchased the facility formally owned by the Movers & Shuckers at 19325 Zolman Rd. in Fredericktown, Ohio. Central Ohio Farmers Co-op will operate the grain elevator and will be renting the office building and shop to Ag Info Tech, LLC. The new location at 19325 Zolman Rd, right where St. Rt.13 transitions from a 4 lane to a 2-lane highway just north of Fredericktown, Ohio.

Tim Norris – CEO of Ag Info Tech said, “We are excited about this move because it will give us the shop space to rebuild and modify customers’ planters up to 24 rows or 60’ inside our shop. With the addition of this 10,000-square foot shop, our technicians will be more efficient and have everything that they need for any retrofit. Customers will be happy that rebuilds and retrofits will be more affordable at our shop. We will have hands-on planter clinics in the winter to show growers what to look for and how to best set up, adjust and repair their own planters utilizing the parts and electronic components offered by Ag Info Tech. We will also have a lot more space for our Soil Max Tile Plows.”

Ag Info Tech, LLC. is an independent Precision Ag company jointly owned by Centerra Co-op, Central Ohio Farmers Co-op, and Tim Norris. “This is one of the fruits of the recent collaboration between Centerra, COFC and Tim. All of our customers will benefit from the expanded services that can be offered using this ideal space”, said Jean Bratton, CEO of Centerra.

Ag Info Tech, LLC. serves growers in Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Ag Info Tech, LLC. offers a complete line of Precision Ag equipment and services, retrofits customer’s equipment, and creates Variable Rate prescriptions. All of these technologies and services increase customers’ yields and profits while reducing their impact on the environment.

Contact Ag Info Tech, LLC at 740-507-2503 or Centerra Co-op at 419-281-2153 to learn more.