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Multi-county planned emergency response drill takes place in Loudonville

On  Wednesday, June 7, 2017 we participated in a multi-county emergency response drill at our Loudonville branch. There was a planned accident involving road closures, transportation of injured employees and the evacuation of residents. We want to thank the local responders for their efforts to improve the safety of our community.

Ag Info Tech moving to new facility

Ag Info Tech, LLC. is moving to a new facility on July 3rd. Ag Info Tech’s newest partner, Central Ohio Farmers Co-op of Marion, Ohio recently purchased the facility formally owned by the Movers & Shuckers at 19325 Zolman Rd. in Fredericktown, Ohio. Central Ohio Farmers Co-op will operate the grain elevator and will be

Kansas Wildfire Relief

Join us in helping the farming communities in Kansas. Kansas and Oklahoma were hit by wildfires at the beginning of March. Over 800,000 acres and an estimated 9,000+ head of cattle were taken by the flames. Ranchers lost their homes, towns and entire livelihoods. Fortunately, farmers across the nation are banding together and taking much

Patronage Information

“How can you really help me?”  This is a question you may have in mind.  We promise immediate access to knowledgeable people who won’t give you cookie cutter answers; we ask, listen and suggest, and we take your business personally.  And we return to you any profits above what we need to invest in future

Centerra Logo Released

The logo for Centerra has been released. The merger between Town & Country Co-op and Western Reserve Farmers Cooperative will take place March 1, 2017. Centerra CEO Jean Bratton talks about the new Centerra Co-op logo. See the new logo

Calf Raising Thoughts

from U of M Dairy Connection This cold weather we are having lately makes me think about wet calves and the need to keep them warm with lots of straw bedding and appropriate amounts of milk. Tom Earleywine from Land O’Lakes Milk Products discussed nutritional impacts on calf health and helped the audience understand some

Town & Country Co-op and Western Reserve Cooperative to form Centerra Co-op

Effective March 1, 2017, Town & Country Co-op and Western Reserve Farm Cooperative (Middlefield Ohio) will have a new name:  Centerra Co-op. That date coincides with their merger, which was recently approved by their members. The name is a combination of 2 words: Center: the point of focus within a circle Terra: meaning “of the

Town & Country Co-op and Ag Info Tech to welcome new partnership with Central Ohio Farmers Co-op

Town & Country Co-op (T&C) and Ag Info Tech (AIT) of Mt. Vernon, Ohio are proud to announce a new partnership with Central Ohio Farmers Co-op, Inc. (COFC), a full service cooperative based in Marion, Ohio. They have reached an agreement with COFC purchasing an ownership interest in Ag Info Tech. Ag Info Tech is

The Farmer: A video by Purina

Take a couple minutes to watch this video. Thank you to all farmers out there, we appreciate you and all your hard work, time and sacrifice. We know that American farmers are working to feed the world and we want others to know too! Use the Share arrow below to share this with your friends!

Merger Update

I’d like to share a few thoughts and updates about the merger with each of you. The 84 – 85% yes vote from our members was a strong endorsement that they have faith in us to do what is right for the co-op and for their operations.  They have given us the opportunity to make