More Space, More Milk

by Mike Opperman, Dairy Herd Management

Sometimes you don’t see the benefits of making a change on the dairy right away. It can be hard to know if an investment has really paid off. Then again, there are times when you invest in making a change and it pays dividends right away. Like gaining more than 8 lb. of milk per cow per day. That’s what Kurt Steiner of Steinhurst Dairy in Creston, Ohio has seen from cows freshening out of a new transition cow and bred heifer facility. The improved comfort offered by this facility is why his 500-cow herd is making more milk.

Cows Everywhere

Before the new barn, “cows were spread out all over the place,” says Kurt, who dairies with his brother Eric, uncle John and son, Christian. “We had dry cows in one area, prefresh cows in another and post-fresh cows in another barn. Some were on mattresses, some were on sand.” The goal was to get all dry cows and post-fresh cows in one area, on the same bedding, and beside the milking facility.

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