Centerra Cooperative and four other Ohio-based cooperatives are finding common ground to support cancer research through the collaborative initiative, “Fueling the Cure.”

“This is a truly collaborative effort and it has led to other good things,” said Jean Bratton, CEO of Centerra Cooperative. “Now I think we find more business common ground. Do we still compete? Absolutely. But working on a charitable cause together has brought our minds back to the big picture.”

All the money raised goes directly to the “Cooperative for the Cure of Cancer,” an endowment fund the cooperatives established in 2011 at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Dr. Steven Clinton oversees the fund.

When Centerra joined the collaborative eight years ago, it was looking to find a way to give back to all its customers. Previously, it had supported more agriculture development type efforts, which didn’t necessarily touch some of its retail, propane and heating oil customers. The cooperative had just started its propane business when the initiative was getting underway.

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