ASHLAND, OH- Centerra Co-op recently joined forces with Cooperative Elevator in Pigeon, Michigan to donate corn to the Cleveland Whiskey Company. The corn will be processed and manufactured into hand sanitizer for healthcare providers at the Cleveland Clinic.

“We are seeing the bottles rolling out across campus, including the outpatient clinics and inpatient floor. We appreciate the generosity of Centerra Co-op and Cooperative Elevator,” said Nathan Janowicz, DMD of the Cleveland Clinic.

“Anything we can do to help protect first responders and hospital personnel is small compared to the risks they are taking. The Ag industry is amazing in the speed and variety of ways that it is responding to this crisis,” said Jean Bratton, Centerra Co-op CEO.

Hand sanitizer is very important for the protection of healthcare workers and patients. Cleveland Whiskey Co is not charging The Cleveland Clinic for the hand sanitizer. They are able to do this through monies they received from the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network.