Tragically, most U.S. grain entrapment incidents occur in on-farm bins. Those dying in such incidents range from youth in their teens up to grandparents in their 80s. We’re partnering with our national trade association – the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) – to raise awareness about how to avoid common grain-entrapment hazards both in commercial grain elevators and in farm bins. It takes only seconds to become engulfed and suffocate in grain — these are tragedies that no family or community should have to endure!

Join Us in Committing to Bin Safety

Our company has implemented bin-entry safety requirements, including those mandated for commercial facilities by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
Our company is recommitting to preventing bin-engulfment tragedies. Please join us by committing to the following basic safety practices to protecting you, your families and our greater agricultural community:
Don’t enter a grain storage unit unless absolutely necessary. Maintaining grain quality through proper grain drying, storage and aeration can reduce the need to enter bins.
Be aware of ways persons can become engulfed or entrapped in grain, including:
▪ Flowing grain
▪ Bridging/horizontal collapse of encrusted grain; and
▪ Avalanche/vertical collapse of grain encrusted on the sides of bins.
Follow good safety practices before entering a bin, silo or tank, including by:
▪ Letting someone else know in advance;

▪ Shutting down and locking out all augers and other grain-handling equipment inside the bin; and
▪ Wearing protective equipment, such as a harness or lifeline.

Keep Your Family and Farm Safe!

The NGFA, with financial support from its Foundation, has developed valuable safety guides that are available FREE to ANYONE at
Thanks in advance for joining us by committing to grain bin safety!