Voting is now closed.

Join us for our annual meeting, scheduled for January 31 at 10 am at 489 N. Main Street, Mansfield, Ohio.  We want to showcase Mansfield’s speed and ease of use for you.

We have 3 board positions with terms that expire at our annual meeting.  Five people have stepped forward to say they would appreciate the chance to represent you and help set the direction of your co-op. You can vote for 1 of the 5 candidates.

I am pleased that this last year we were able to:

  • Respond creatively and quickly to challenges including volatile prices and lack of supply
  • Take in high vomitoxin corn when others rejected it or charged very high discounts
  • Make significant investments in assets you told us were needed
  • Make $7.5 million before taxes; a significant portion of this from non-member business
  • Put $1.5 million of cash in your hands through cash patronage and equity redemptions
  • Show appreciation for your business through many programs

Please come to our annual meeting for more information. Or if you have 4 minutes,  go to to watch a short summary of our year.

Our balance sheet remains strong, and our team is committed to serving you as effectively as possible.  In short, we are eager to handle your future needs.  Thank you for your business.

Jean Bratton, CEO