Centerra has recently partnered with DispatchTrack, a delivery management software, to increase our trucking efficiencies.

“We thought we were fully utilizing our assets and planning our routes very efficiently. With the implementation of DispatchTrack we quickly realized that there were many opportunities to improve our operations,” said Todd Willeke, SVP of Retail and Logistics at Centerra. “DispatchTrack gives us greater visibility, enabling us to optimize loads on each truck and use all of our existing capacity. Within weeks of implementing DispatchTrack, we saw a substantial increase in profitability simply by becoming more efficient with our current fleet of trucks and drivers.”

Since the implementation of this software we have been able to complete more deliveries of feed and birdseed each day and it has allowed us to deliver more gallons of propane per day while driving less miles on each route. With the success we’ve seen so far, we hope to use DispatchTrack in the future to manage the delivery of grain, fertilizer, and liquid fuels as well.