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Business Fuel

Your one-stop shop for all of your fuel needs

A great fuel that goes the extra mile is not the only thing that will make your fueling experience a great one. You also need:

  • Professional, knowledgeable and reliable customer service  – on your terms.
  • By local service providers – your driver, order-taker, managers, owners — we live just down the road!
  • At the highest value possible – like locking in fuel price or getting fuel usage fleet reports.

Control your operating costs and make your daily routes as easy as possible

Centerra has power fuels, gasoline, alternative fuels, heating fuels, premium additives, lubricants, tanks and equipment — everything you need to get fueled up.

Business Fuel Services

Business fuel services that make your life easier

  • Contract Pricing for Gasoline & Diesel Fuel : Lock in low November to February fuel prices and avoid outrageous July fuel costs.
  • Fuel Cards: Control purchases and maximize security.
  • Reports: Customized fuel usage tracks mileage and miles-per-gallon per driver, vehicle and fuel type.
  • Tanks for Rent, Loan & Purchase: For your temporary and permanent storage needs.
  • Tank Level Monitors: We can monitor your tank level daily.
  • Auto Fill: Never make another call to order fuel. We’ll bring it to you automatically!
  • Discounts: Order large volumes of fuel and get a discount.
  • Transport Deliveries: We’ll transport our bulk customers’ fuel loads.
  • Fuel Management: By placing monitors on your bulk commercial or farm tanks, you’ll never run out or have to call for fuel.

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