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Benefits of Sommer’s Wild Bird Foods

  • Superior, quality wild bird food
  • Two day turn around
  • Custom blending
  • Private labeling
  • View account and pay online
  • Up to 60 day payment terms
  • Booking programs
  • Excellent customer service


Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania demands high quality in all of the bird seeds we sell. In addition to quality ingredients, our proprietary mixes (such as Beechwood Blend and Audubon Finch Mix) require exacting and consistent preparation, which Centerra has been providing us for over 7 years.

-Jim Bonner, Executive Director

Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania


Economy Blend

A good year-round mix that is one of our best sellers.  It contains 10% sunflowers, milo, white millet, cracked corn, wheat and grit.


Choice Blend

Designed as an all-purpose mix that will appeal to many different species, it contains over 20% sunflower, along with cracked corn, white millet, milo, wheat and grit.


 Deluxe with Fruit

Our most popular blend with real cherries, cranberries and cherry flavoring, this formula will attract a wide variety of wild birds. It has 30% sunflower, along with white millet, milo, safflower, peanut splits, wheat, cherries, cranberries, cherry flavoring and grit.


Premium Classic with Fruit Flavoring

This formula was designed for the most discriminating backyard enthusiast. This mixture will attract most species of songbirds and contains 50% sunflower. Other ingredients include white and red millet, safflower, peanut splits and fruit flavoring.

Specialty Blends

  • No Mess Mix
  • Nut & Fruit Mix
  • Woodpecker Mix
  • North Coast Cardinal
  • Critter Snack
  • Deluxe Finch

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