Brief History

Our History

If you were to trace the roots of our cooperative, it would take you back to the year 1934. It was at this time that local individuals were starting to form local cooperatives throughout the state of Ohio. Each of the 88 counties in Ohio had their own County Farm Bureau Association. These operations focused on providing quality products, supported by dependable services, at competitive prices.

The local cooperatives expanded product lines and offered more services. As time went by, some cooperatives adapted to their local environments, while others struggled to exist. Some got even stronger by joining forces with their neighbors within the same county. Sometimes a co-op established by Farm Bureau merged with a co-op established by the Landmark system.

On January 1, 2003, Town & Country Co-op was formed as the result of a merger of 4 co-ops:  Agrimark, The Equity Exchange, Town & Country Co-op and Medina Landmark.   This was one of the first multi-county mergers of ag co-ops in Ohio.  Town & Country Co-op operated in sixteen facilities, under five operating divisions – Agronomy, Feed, Grain, Petroleum & Propane, and Retail.

On December 1, 2016 members of Town & Country Co-op and Western Reserve Farm Cooperative approved the merger of the two co-ops. On March 1, 2017 the two co-ops became Centerra Co-op. The name is a combination of 2 words: Center: the point of focus within a circle and Terra: meaning “of the earth.”  The name reflects our purpose and our ethics.  We are collaborating, with the customer at the center of this effort.  Our logo of interwoven lines of various sizes reflects our flexibility in meeting the unique needs of each customer and the collaborative focus of our employees. We are well grounded in principles and knowledge, and promote good farm practices that reflect our customers’ love of the land.

The merger has enabled both cooperatives to provide and expand on the products and services the customers want and need as well as stay competitive as the industry changes.

Through all the changes, we remain committed to listening to your goals and providing products and outstanding services to meet your goals.