Facts + Forms

Do I have to be a member of the co-op to buy products?

No! Anyone is able to purchase from the co-op. No membership required.

What is a co-op?

A co-op is established by a group of people or businesses to provide its members with products, services and expertise.  In our case, the members decided that you do not need to be a member to do business with the co-op.

All members have one share in the cooperative, and vote that one share on key decisions.

What makes us different than other non-cooperatives?

We do what’s in the best interest of the member vs. in the interest of the business. The board’s purpose is to represent the members and to keep us profitable so it can continue to meet member’s needs. If we are financially successful, the members are financially rewarded through patronage.

What is patronage?

To earn patronage, you must first buy a $100 share of stock.

Annually, the co-op board determines how much of the profits must be retained for the future growth and success of the cooperative.

The remaining profits are distributed to the members as patronage.

Each member’s share of the patronage is based upon his/her purchases from the co-op.

The co-op board determines what percentage of the patronage is paid in cash and what percentage is paid in additional ownership in the co-operative (called “equity”).

Annually, the board establishes a minimum threshold for paying out any patronage to individual members.  (ie. We won’t cut a check for $.01 or other small amounts).

The co-op board annually determines what amount of the “equity” from previous years will be redeemed in cash.

Can I buy stock to become a member?

Yes, anyone involved in Production Agriculture can apply to be a member. Production Agriculture means that you sell animals or crops or receive a share of crops as rent for your land.

How do I become a member?

Go to Facts & Forms > “Farm & Business” box > select “ Member App”. Print the member application, and mail to our corporate office:

813 Clark Avenue
Ashland OH 44805

Include a check for $100.

Frequently throughout the year, the board reviews and approves new member applications.

As soon as your application is approved, you will receive a share of stock in our company.

If your application is approved, any purchases made from the beginning of our fiscal year will be used in our patronage payments, if applicable.