We’re always investing in the best ag technologies to better serve you:

  • GPS Grid Sampling
  • Boundary maps, tile lines, and soil samples
  • Yield maps
  • Custom application with Air Machine (2 dry fertilizers and or seeding, and 1 spray at same time)
  • Pre-plant, pre-emergence and post custom spray application
  • Strip tilling with NH3
  • Dry fertilizer and lime spreading (VRT and standard)
  • Side dressing with nitrogen
  • Coulter Injector liquid fertilizer
  • Spreader, tool bar, nurse tank and no-till drill rental


Input Financing Program

This financing program allows approved customers to carry all eligible charges for fall, spring and summer crop inputs with Centerra. Purchases eligible for this program are seed, fertilizer, chemicals, agronomy services, liquid fuel and propane.

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