Feed Contacts:

For bulk feed, contact our Sterling location at 330-939-2571
For bagged feed, contact one of our retail locations near you
For a dairy or calf feed consultant, contact one of our Experts
For beef feed, contact Jeremy Barbour at 419-295-9551or David Seidel at 419-606-9052
For equine feed, contact Kathi Green at 440-321-9996

Our Feed

From local farmers to local animal owners, the high-quality feed you need to build a top herd.

  • Commercial producers
  • Show animal specialist
  • 4-H club member

Get professional insight from our experienced consultants to help you create a ration, frequency and purpose-of-farm calls plan, as well as measurement goals for your commercial feeding or show and project needs.

Centerra offers the following brands: Buckeye Nutrition, Centerra, Diamond V, Lindner Show Feeds, Nature’s Blend, Purina, QLF, Semican and Triple Crown.

Your Specialty

Maximize nutrition at all stages of growth with customized feed batches and nutrient-dense supplements for:

  • Dairy & Calf
  • Beef
  • Show Animals
  • Equine

Cows eating in a barn.


Quality feed recommendations from animal nutrition experts supported by reliable, on-time services:

  • Routine farm calls to check herds, diagnose herd problems and complete feed analyses
  • Updates of rations as forages and diet requirements change
  • On-time and reliable delivery to your bins and barns
  • Profit projection analysis
  • Forage crop growth and advice
  • Bunker management advice and Silostop products to reduce spoilage
  • Nutrisave Forage Management products to improve fermentation and preservation of products

Fly Kill Kover

Face flies wreak havoc. With a fly kill kover, you can control pinkeye outbreaks, increase grazing time, and decrease stress.

Silo Stop

Find out more about Silo Stop, their new bale wrap and more>>

Inoculants & Preservatives

Maximize forage nutritional value.