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Manufactured in Seville, Ohio

Try Sommer’s Wild Bird Food, a division of Centerra Co-op. We package a complete product line of wild bird and wildlife feeds.

  • High-quality, fresh product.
  • We aspirate the bird seed prior to packaging, which means a less-messy bird feeder.
  • Locally made in Seville, Ohio
  • Available in 5 to 50 pound bags.
  • Bird-seed blends range from economy to deluxe with fruit to no-mess mix.
  • Individual seed (such as oil or striped sunflower, safflower, white millet, raw peanut pieces and rape seed) and grains (such as recleaned shelled corn, scratch grain and cracked corn) are also available.

Value Buffet

Banquet Deluxe

Premium Gourmet

We carry a large selection of wild bird food including Black Oil Sunflower, Nyjer® (thistle) and more from 5#-50#!

Wildlife Feeding: Bring Nature to You!

Get everything you need to attract wildlife and keep them coming back!

  • Wildlife feed like critter snack, sweet deer mix and deer blocks
  • Salt attractants
  • Food plot seed mixes
  • Feed blocks
  • Feeders

Cardinals at feeder.

Bird Feeding Guide