Specialty Fertilizers


Nitro plant pic

We can custom blend urea, calcium, and magnesium solutions as well as add micro nutrients to them. We have a full micro nutrient and Plant Growth Regulator package product line.

We’re proud of the way we do research. We put vendor products and our own proprietary products in trials on our research farm, as well as numerous farm side-by-side trials across the north-east.

Only after products have shown to consistently increase yields with an economic return, over multiple years in our area do we offer it to you.

Proprietary Products:

  •             Folizyme
  •             Urea Mate Solutions
  •             T&C Arise
  •             T&C Activator
  •             T&C Start Right

Products we are currently testing: Start Right


From our test plot on June 20, 2016

Corn plant on the left had Start Right in furrow.
Corn plant on the right did not have this starter.




Calcium truck

We have the ability to haul it as well as work with some other companies to haul for us as well that we have van trailers that go throughout Ohio and into Pennsylvania  and Michigan.